The best clothing requests for escorts in Birmingham should be asked for in advance. This ensures that the escort brings the clothing items to work with her. Or she has the opportunity to wear the clothing request upon arrival. Some items are bulkier and therefore less discrete to carry around. For example, thigh high boots or kinky boots. Items such as these may need some extra suitcase space.  

An escort dressed in slutty clothing after a clients request
An escort dressed in slutty clothing after a clients request.

The best clothing requests for Birmingham escorts, depends on the occasion. For example, little black dresses are very popular because they can be toned up or down with accessories for any event. A little black dress with black sandals and a cardigan can look completely different to a little black dress with a designer belt, high heels, a designer handbag and jewellery. Abbreviated to a L.B.D, the little black dress is the best clothing request for any Birmingham escort!  

Also featured in the best clothing requests for a Birmingham escort is lingerie. There are so many types and colours of lingerie, that every escort owns some! Whether an escort is clothed or in the process of taking them off, she will always have sexy lingerie on. For clients who require a specific colour. Or for those that specifically want a basque, stockings or suspenders, then request this at the time of booking. There are many clients who ask for the escort to arrive in a long coat, with nothing but lingerie on underneath. For those clients, this is the best clothing request for their Birmingham escort.  

Believe it or not, the best and most requested clothing request for Birmingham escorts is; arrive in casual clothes! For clients who require outcalls to their home or hotel, they prefere their Birmingham escort to arrive in discrete everyday clothes. We are not talking about jogging bottoms, a hoody and trainers! Neighbours take no notice of a pretty, respectful female arriving in jeans and a nice blouse. As above, sexy lingerie can be worn underneath to arouse the client when she undresses. An oversized designer handbag can be used for sex toys, condoms makeup and toiletries.