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Top 5 Best FPS Games in USA

Over the past three decades, first-person shooters (FPSs) have been the undisputed king of video game genres. The demand for violence and high octane action has produced numerous popular franchises such as Call of Duty or Halo.

FPS games have become immensely popular among gamers due to their three-dimensional graphics and realism. Many of these titles can also be classified as war games or RPGs.

These games have become so popular that many are free-to-play. This trend can be attributed to the growing acceptance of freemium business models within the gaming industry.

These games are ideal for those wanting to explore the FPS genre without breaking the bank. Many of them can be played on various devices like Switch, PS4 and Xbox One – allowing you to take your gaming on-the-go!

DOOM has been the undisputed master of the FPS genre for over 30 years and remains a timeless classic. Its impressive systems and satisfying shooting keep players coming back, along with its formidable cast of bosses and captivating storyline.

Another classic worth revisiting from time to time is No One Lives Forever, which brought James Bond and his martini-swilling crew of agents to the N64 in a unique package. Drawing on various spy-themed media, it created an engaging experience which is still enjoyable today.

This game also pioneered the use of a portal mechanic, which can be an effective strategy for taking out multiple opponents at once from different angles and getting the upper hand. When playing with friends on a team, having everyone on the same page with you makes this strategy especially advantageous.

Far Cry 6 may not be as good as its predecessors, but it still manages to deliver an enjoyable FPS experience. It retains many of the hallmarks that made Far Cry so great, yet takes it to new heights with expansive open-world environments and stunningly detailed characters.

The best part of this game is that it’s free to download and play – without needing any special hardware or software to run. You can enjoy it right from your browser, working on all devices including Android phones and tablets.

Battle royale is a widely beloved genre within the gaming industry, and Apex Legends was one of the first games to implement this style of gameplay. It boasts an immense following – having been downloaded over 500 million times.

This post-apocalyptic universe FPS title is a must-play for any fan of the genre. It offers an expansive library of maps, weapons and other cool features to customize your character. Plus it’s very easy to pick up and play – making it ideal for those wanting to try their hand at free FPSs before investing in full price versions.