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Popular Online Sports Games in Europe

Sports such as football, ice hockey, cricket and tennis have become very popular across much of Europe. These competitions take place at all levels from amateur to professional – providing excellent opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family while staying fit at the same time.

These games are not only easy to pick up and fun to play, but they offer an incredible chance for competition with people around the world – which is always enjoyable!


Baseball is a beloved sport in Europe, similar to its American counterpart. Teams from different nations play this classic sport on different fields. Aside from traditional baseball, there are also European versions such as schlagball from Germany, lapta from Russia and oina from Romania.


While skiing may not be as well-known in Europe as it is in America, it remains a popular sport enjoyed by both men and women. Skiing provides an enjoyable way to spend time with friends or on holiday and it’s especially popular during the winter months when temperatures drop.


Soccer is a beloved sport in Europe, particularly Spain. It’s easy to play for both men and women alike, making it an excellent way to spend quality time together while staying fit at the same time. Soccer
Football offers many versions of this beloved sport throughout Europe.

Sega Pocket Club Manager

This club management game challenges you to build your team from a local league into something special. To do this, you need to scout talent, train players and upgrade your stadium – among other tasks. While the experience may not be perfect, it’s still worth checking out despite some bugs!

Speed Running

While this racer may not be the greatest ever, this is still an enjoyable game that will get you into the action and allow for hours of gaming enjoyment. The control system is straightforward yet deft, making for a straightforward but thrilling control experience. Speed Running promises to deliver hours upon hours of enjoyment!

Head Socer La Liga

This is the official game of La Liga in Spain and it’s a straightforward to play title that can get you involved and have some fun. With simple controls and plenty of content to unlock, Head Socer La Liga becomes your go-to for improving your player skillsets!

Every year, the game is updated with new rosters and some improvements to previous mechanics – so you can enjoy playing for an extended period without getting bored.


Though not as well-known as other sports, pesapallo is a beloved team sport in Finland. Played for centuries, this team sport can be both entertaining to watch and profitable to bet on. If you’re interested in wagering on this exciting match, 888sport offers some excellent odds for those interested!