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Different Types of Glutathione for Your Skin

Glutathione is an effective antioxidant that has numerous health benefits. It also plays a significant role in skin lightening, often used by skincare products to diminish dark spots and discoloration.

There are various ways to get glutathione for your skin, such as dietary supplements, inhalants, topical treatments and intravenous drips. All of these methods work to increase glutathione levels so you can achieve optimal skin health benefits.

Dietary Supplements

Glutathione supplements come in capsule, liquid and powder forms and can be purchased online or from many natural-food stores, drugstores and vitamin shops. When shopping for a glutathione supplement it’s important to look for one that has undergone third-party testing to guarantee it’s free from contaminants.


Glutathione can be inhaled as a nasal spray or taken orally via capsule. These types of glutathione supplements are ideal for those who want to take their daily doses in a more organized fashion.

Topical Treatments

You can apply glutathione directly onto your skin to enhance its natural whitening ability and protect it from UV damage. It works effectively at diminishing dark spots and brightening up the overall complexion; however, you must maintain these results by avoiding exposure to sunlight for them to last more than just a week or two.

Intravenous Drips

IV glutathione therapy is the most widely recommended way to increase your body’s glutathione levels. This therapy can also be effective at strengthening the immune system, helping combat colds and other illnesses. Receiving an IV can also be beneficial if you’re trying to increase energy or detoxify from alcohol or other substances.

It has also been used to alleviate symptoms associated with diseases like autoimmune disorders, asthma, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or peripheral artery disease. Furthermore, studies have even discovered that it can help lower blood pressure.


Glutathione has long been administered via injection. However, recent studies have demonstrated that it can be better absorbed when taken orally, leading to the rise of oral glutathione supplements as a popular choice among patients.

Glutathione should always be third-party tested to guarantee it contains the necessary amounts of antioxidants for optimal health, and you should consult with your doctor prior to beginning any new dietary or health supplement regimen.

Beauty Drips

Looking to add some glow and detoxify your body? Beauty spas like Nutridrip in NYC and Reviv at Clean Market offer glutathione drips as booster shots or treatments so you can achieve that “glutathione glow.” Added benefits of glutathione include increased immunity and feeling more refreshed overall.

One round of ten IV’s typically lightens your skin tone by up to three shades, providing you with that flawless, radiant complexion we all strive for.

Glutathione is an essential supplement for anyone wanting healthy, vibrant skin. Not only is it an effective antioxidant, glutathione also has other beneficial effects such as improving immunity and increasing metabolism. Furthermore, those who have suffered heavy trauma may find benefit in taking glutathione to support the body’s natural healing process by flushing toxins out of tissues.