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How to Make Charcuterie As a Gift

Charcuterie is an incredibly versatile gift you can give. It’s ideal for parties, birthdays, or simply to show someone you care. Additionally, it makes a perfect choice of present during sympathy or condolence occasions.

Making a charcuterie board or tray can be done in many different ways. While there are certain guidelines to follow, you have the freedom to get creative and create something special for your loved one that they’ll surely enjoy.

1. Arrange a Cheese Board

For cheese lovers, this is the ideal gift! Choose several varieties of cheese and pair them with crackers, dried fruits and other snacks. For added sweetness, include some small jars of honey to complete the presentation.

2. Add Wine to the Box

A wine and charcuterie gift basket makes for a delectable choice for dinner parties or special occasions. Pair your charcuterie and cheese with either red or white wine that will enhance each dish perfectly.

3. Include a Tray or Board

For an elegant presentation of charcuterie board, opt for large wood or acacia serving trays. They make for beautiful displays and help keep the spread tidy.

4. Slice Cheeses Into Different Shapes

To ensure all the cheeses on your charcuterie board look and taste their best, slice them into cubes or slices. This will allow guests to easily identify each type of cheese.

5. Personalize Your Gift with a Cheese Marker

To add an extra special touch, consider including a cheese marker that helps guests identify the type of cheese they’re enjoying. Wire cheese markers come in an array of colors so you can find one to match your charcuterie gift’s color scheme perfectly.

6. Use a Tray That Is Food Safe

A tray that is food safe will allow you to place cheese and meats without them getting messy. This is especially essential if you plan to use the board as decorative decor around your home.

7. Place a Tablecloth Over the Tray or Board

It’s always wise to have a tablecloth or some cloth napkins handy when creating a charcuterie board. Doing so prevents cheese and meats from getting too dirty.

8. Arrange Your Meats on Your Charcuterie Board

When creating a charcuterie platter, it’s wise to lay out cheese first and then fan out the meats for easy picking up by guests. Doing this makes for an easier-to-grab platter for everyone at the table.

9. Display Crackers and Bread on Top of Your Platter

To create a stunning charcuterie board, it is essential to arrange bread and crackers on top. For added convenience, shape them into fan-shaped pieces so guests can easily pick them up to savor.

10. Add Fruits and Spreads to Your Charcuterie Board

Wanting to jazz up the look of your charcuterie platter? Try adding in some colorful fruits like grapes, apricots, cranberries, sun-dried pears, or mission figs! Your board is sure to become the talk of the party!